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Friday April 18 2014 

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Come Try Ringette - Sunday, April 27th at the Magna Centre (11:30 - 1:30)
Apr 4, 2014, 3:05 pm
The Newmarket Ringette Association invites all girls ages 4 and older to discover for themselves the exciting sport of ringette! The girls will participate in an on-ice demonstration with coaches and current players, followed by refreshments and a fun craft while a brief parent information session is held. Skaters require a helmet, mittens/gloves, and skates.
For more information contact our Registrar, Liza Sweeney, at 905-868-6262 or at registrar@newmarketringette.caPre-registration is required - visit cometryringette.ca and scroll through the Ontario listings to register for our Newmarket event.
And remember - all current players are eligible for a $20 referral bonus for each new friend that joins the association!

Apr 1, 2014, 3:55 pm

The Newmarket and District Ringette Association is pleased to announce that we are now accepting

coaching applications for the 2014/2015 ringette season. The form is available under “Forms”

on our website. Please submit your Coaching Application by April 12th to be considered for

the selection process. Applications can be emailed to Murdock Brooks and Kathy Anderson:


The following is a list of teams and the projected level of play that applications are being accepted for:

U08 - Regional level

U9 - Regional Level (pending registration numbers)

U10 - Regional level

U12 - Two teams - 1 Regional team and 1 Provincial "A" team (Provincial team will depend upon interest

and level of skill displayed at the evaluations).

U14 - Two teams - 1 Regional team and 1 Provincial "A" team (Provincial team will depend upon interest

and level of skill displayed at try outs)

U16 - Two teams - 1 Regional team and 1 Provincial "A" team (Provincial team will depend upon interest

and level of skill displayed at try outs)

U19 - Two teams - 1 Regional team and 1 Provincial "A" team (Provincial team will depend upon interest

and level of skill displayed at try outs)

Open B and Rec - adult level of play.

If you want to apply as head coach for a Provincial team and your daughter does not make the team, or

should there not be a provincial team, you will have to indicate you want to go into the selection process

for the regional team position on your application.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact either of the following:

Murdock Brooks (Coach & Player Development)


Shawn Linton (President)


Apr 1, 2014, 3:53 pm

Try outs/Evaluations for the following teams will be held at the Newmarket Magna Centre all on the Bobby

Forhan ice pad. All players are asked to be at the arena 1 hour before the posted time for registration. In

order to streamline the registration process, we ask that a Try-Out Form be submitted prior to the try-out.

The form can be found on our website at


Players planning to attend tryouts from others Associations must bring a Player Try-Out/Release

Form, with Part I completed. It must be signed by the President of the player's Home Association

and the player's Current Association (if applicable). These players will not be allowed onto the ice

surface without a signed Tryout Release Form.

U12A Evaluation

Sat May 10 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Cost $15


Sun May 11 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Cost $15


Sat May 24 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Sun May 25 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Cost will be $15 dollars for the first skate and $10 dollars for the second.


Friday May 30. 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Cost will be $15 if it’s your first NDRA Try-out; $10 if it is your second.

NDRA is committed to trying to provide a level of play for all players. Some parents and players have

shown interest to play at a provincial level and some wish to stay at the regional level.


In fairness to everyone, NDRA will proceed to host tryout/sort out evaluations in all levels from U12 –



By hosting tryouts NDRA does not guarantee we will host a team. It is being used to gauge the interest

and skill level of all players that attend.


Should you be undecided as to whether to play regional or provincial, we would encourage you to come

to the evaluations. We will have an information session explaining the player & parent commitment and



We understand there are some families who know they are not interested in playing at a provincial level

so please do not feel you need to attend the evaluations. NDRA’s commitment is to always try and

provide a regional level of play for those who choose not to play provincial.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact either of the following:

Murdock Brooks (Coach & Player Development)


Shawn Linton (President)


2015 Provincial Championships - Newmarket Ontario NDRA NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!!
Mar 28, 2014, 2:49 pm
2015 Provincial Championships - Newmarket Ontario

In March 2015 we have a HUGE opportunity to showcase our association, our town and the fastest game on ice.
As previously announced, NDRA is extremely pleased to have been selected as the Host Town of the 2015 Provincial "A" Championships. 
At this time we are looking for volunteers that would like to be a Chair/Co-Chair person for 6 Sub-Committee's.  Each Chairperson will be responsible for forming a committee and having monthly meetings to ensure deadlines and requirements are met.  The Chairperson will also be required to attend monthly Provincial Committee meetings with the reports from their committee.
We are now accepting names for the Committee positions until April 6th.  Please send your name to Shawn Linton (President of NDRA) @ shawnlinton777@gmail.com by the 6th.
Please review the attached "Provincial Flow Chart" that gives a brief break down of the 6 committees and some of the roles involved with each one.   There will be lots of opportunities to be part of the sub-committees to assist in making this event a success.
As well, the following link will provide you with a VERY detailed document about hosting a Provincial Championship.  Please don't be overwhelmed; this document is meant to give you the details to what each committee will be doing.  Together "many hands make light work" and we can do this together.
(Click on Provincial Championship Host Guide)
We look forward to seeing new faces and volunteers for what will prove to be a fantastic and fun event.
GO RAYS GO !!!!!!!

2014/2015 Board Member Call Out
Mar 20, 2014, 5:48 pm
2014/2015 Board Member Call Out
The NDRA AGM is quickly approaching and we are looking for volunteers to be on the Board of Directors.  As everyone knows associations like ours cannot run without the help of volunteers. 
The 2013-14 season was a great success, in part due to the volunteers on our Board of Directors.  Many of the current board members have agreed to come back and serve again for another season.  Others have decided that they have put in their years of service and we profusely thank those people for being on the board year after year, their presence will be missed. Nominations are being accepted for all positions, however the list below shows the positions where current members have offered to stay, along with the positions that are currently vacant.  If no applications are received for positions where we currently have volunteers listed these positions will be acclaimed.
President - Shawn Linton
Vice President - Lui DeDominicis
Secretary - Kimberley Owen
Treasurer - Brent Routledge
Registrar - Liza Sweeney
Scheduler - Carolyn Haskins
Referee In Chief - Dave McFadden
Past President - Dave McDougall
Coach/Player Development - Murdock Brooks and Kathy Anderson (Co-Chair)
Equipment Manager - Michelle Linton
OCRRL Rep - Michelle Linton
Parent Rep - VACANT
Publicity - VACANT
Sponsorship - Lui DeDominicis
Fundraising - VACANT
Newletter - Kathy Anderson
Web - Eric Pelletier
Tournament Chair - Jeff Smithson and Cheri Randall (Co-Chair)
Southern Rep - Michelle Linton
Detailed information on the roles for each of the positions can be found on our website http://www.newmarketringette.ca/index.php?p=downloads, under Job Descriptions.
If you are interested in filling any of these positions and/or would like to submit a nomination please send and email tosecretary@newmarketringette.ca.

Mar 6, 2014, 6:27 pm



In December, the NDRA Board submitted a bid to the Ontario Ringette Association to host the 2015 Provincial “A” Championships.  It is with great pleasure that we announce that NDRA was awarded the honor of hosting the tournament!


The Championships will be held March 19th – 22nd  2015, and will include up to 70 teams playing out of the 3 Newmarket Arenas (The Magna Centre, The Ray Twinney Complex and Hollingsworth). 


This tournament will bring teams to Newmarket from all over Ontario and is a huge opportunity to show off our town and association to all that attend.  It will allow us to showcase the fantastic sport of ringette and raise our profile within our community.  In turn, the competition and the ringette will be of the highest quality, and will be a “must-see” as some of the teams will be vying for the right to represent Ontario at the Eastern Canadian Championships.  A win-win for all!


Needless to say hosting this event will require LOTS of volunteers not only at the actual event, but throughout the upcoming year.  More information about our Provincial Tournament Committee will be coming out soon.  Please think about how you can help make this event a HUGE success.


Additional information will be coming soon.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shawn Linton @ shawnlinton777@gmail.com.


Go Rays Go!!!


Shawn Linton

President, Newmarket Ringette Association




Will we still have our annual Ignite the Ice Tournament?

YES, we will still host our annual tournament.  Of course this means there is lots of work ahead, and we will need lots of volunteers, (times 2!).  However, being awarded the Provincial “A” Championships is, in part, a testament to the quality and success of our past tournaments and the amazing people in our Association.  We will be busy, but we are confident we can do it!


Does this mean NDRA will need to have Provincial teams in all of the age divisions next year?

NO.  As is the case every season, decisions regarding hosting Provincial teams are based on what is best for our players, their development, our teams and the association.   The fact that we are hosting the “A” Provincials will NOT be a factor in these decisions for next season.

NewsLetter - February 2014
Mar 5, 2014, 4:51 pm

NewsLetter - February 2014

Feb 25, 2014, 3:22 pm
As the end of another great ringette season comes to an end, it is time to think about nominations for the Miss Ringette award.  Please follow the link below to fill in the form and email it to: president@newmarketringette.ca by March 31st.
Miss Ringette is an award that is given to a player that is a true ambassador to the sport of ringette.
"It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice"
The recipient of this award will be recognized at the 2014 AGM.

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